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Noelle & Ryan // Wedding

"I'm speechless You're standing there in that dress Girl it ain't a secret 'Cause watching you is all that I can do, oh I'm speechless You already know that you're my weakness After all this time I'm just as nervous Every time you walk into the room I'm speechless"

-Dan & Shay (Ryan and Noelle's first dance song)

The details:

Wedding Dress: Low's Bridal

Wedding Cake: Blue Cake Company

Cookies: CookieFix in Alabama

Flowers: Vase and Vine

Wedding Planner: Jessika McCuin

Venue: The Grandeur House

Food: Tacos4Life

The love stories

Groom Perspective

Noelle and I met on the football field (and photography class) in high school. She was one of the water girls when I played, and I thought she was beautiful from day one. We began to talk and grow closer together, and eventually we started to date. After 5 1/2 years of dating, I am so excited to be able to marry her. I love her heart for the Lord and compassion for others. Her joyful personality is contagious for everyone she is around. I am eager to see where the Lord takes us in the years to come.

Brides Perspective

Ryan and I met in a photography class my junior year of high school. We grew closer together over the next two years as many trials unfolded. We braved 4 years of long-distance dating in order to get where we are today. I love Ryan for many reasons, but the first and foremost is because of his love for the Lord. I am so grateful for his strong faith and guiding hand in our relationship and I cannot wait for him to lead me as his wife as we start our family.

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