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Jacey & Andrew // Wedding

Updated: Jul 14

On March 22nd, I photographed Jacey and Andrews wedding. It wasn't the wedding they expected to have. It wasn't the wedding they planned. Instead of 300 people, there were just 13th. Friends couldn't be there. It was just immediate family BUT ya'll.

There was so much love and joy.

I got to witness two families really joining together and making the best out of a situation that caught everyone by surprise. I got to see Jacey and Andrew choose a marriage over a wedding. I got to see two families praising God for giving them the opportunity to watch their children get married. And I got to see what it looks like to let joy rule your life through Jacey and Andrew.

Jacey had lots of little details that made their day even more special:

Her dress was her moms (with some alterations)!

Andrews mom made the wedding cake (so pretty!)

Jacey's dad made a cheesecake (which was YUMMY.)

Jacey wore her moms anklet and Grandmas ring

The lovely Vendors:

Florals: Samanthas Garden

Videographer: Dave with a Camera

Venue: Kindred Barn

Their Love Story:

They met on Jacey's parents' wedding anniversary. This was only one of countless "coincidences" that seemed too incredible to be true. God's perfect timing is written all over their story which continues to encourage and remind Andrew and Jacey of God's will for their lives.

Only minutes before the deadline, Jacey made the last minute decision to apply to a small, specialized honors course discussing the biological nature and affects of cancer. Jacey was accepted ("...of course, she is incredible!" -Andrew). Andrew also applied and was accepted too, being one of the only sophomores in a class of mostly seniors. After spending a few classes sitting on opposite sides of the room from one another, Jacey decided she needed a new seat with a better view of the board.

Seeing this incredible opportunity unfold in front of his eyes, Andrew acted fast. He slid a chair up beside him and offered it to her, which Jacey accepted of course ("...he had definitely already caught my eye, he was different and special, I wanted to sit beside him and get to know him more..." -Jacey). And the journey began!

What followed was 2 years of laughter, prayers, and tears, all-nighters at the library, swing dancing under the moonlight, trips to see our families together, and many (many) IHOP visits.

Beyond thankful I got to be a part of Jacey and Andrews intimate wedding!

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