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Paris // 2020

Updated: Mar 19

I started off 2020 in Tunisia and Paris (que my happy dance)!

3 years ago I made a goal to be in Paris before the end of 2019. When my friend Jo Ellen approached me about going with her to Tunisia and Paris I quickly said yes. But it didn't seem real until I stepped into the Paris airport on NYE.

I got to enjoy daily life in Tunisia and see lots of awesome Roman ruins. (Tunisia was the city of Carthage)

One of my favorite things to do in a different country is to try as much food as I can.

And Tunisia did not disappoint. From macarons that were better than what I had in Paris, real Turkish coffee, and eating lots of harissa and other yummy sauces I was HAPPY.

After Tunisia, Jo Ellen, Rachel, Nathan, and I spent a few days eating our way through Paris.

I discovered my love for onion soup (ate it almost ever day) and hot mulled wine.

Right now I'm drinking tea from my all time favorite tea company, Mariage Frères and eating the last of the best chocolate ever from Patrick Roger.

I got to buy a few books from one of the best bookstores in the world (Shakespeare and Co), say bonjour to the Eiffel Tower, watch people paint something amazing, and enjoy cafes.

Scroll to see read more things about Paris and Tunisia!

More proof that I was in Paris... Photos of me!

The next photos are phone photos from Paris!

y'all. BLUE TEA.

We went to this tea company two times (different locations)

The tea is the most fragrant and yummy tea I've seriously ever had.

(I also spent more money at this store than I ever have at any tea place... No one tell my momma ;) )

Same tea company, different location for some afternoon tea. All of these dishes have tea in them!

The guac had lemon tea in it.. and that's all I remember.


This crepe stand is my aunt and uncles fav!

Now onto Tunisia which, was gorgeous.

Workers picking olives!

My friend Jo Ellen and I :)

Now for some phone photos.

This was what a Tunisian home looked like back in the early 1900's!


Around a coliseum too!

Fun fact:

This coliseum, in Tunisia, is better preserved than the one in Rome. They actually replicated some of the roman one based off this one.

My favorite memory from the trip was being able to play Sardines in the coliseum with all my friends!

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