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Abby // Bridals

Updated: Mar 19

"And in her smile I see something more beautiful than all the stars"


Abby. I've known Abby since college. We met not long before we flew to Germany to spend about a month there for photography classes.

Right away I knew that Abby was J O Y.

She was constantly smiling and making others smile (sometime not on purpose).

She loves deep and knows how to encourage others when they need it.

Out of all of the times I've seen her smile, I've never seen her smile as much as she did when she is wearing her wedding dress (And I saw her cry tears of happiness when we came upon a sunflower field in Saxony). Especially when she said "I do" at the altar.

I'm thankful for this sunshine filled friend. (Beyond thankful)

#2019 #bridal #wedding

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