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Hillary & Jared // Wedding

Updated: Mar 19

"And I fell for you, like raindrops"

-how an ocean is made | Pavana |

Hillary and Jared's day is best described as a beautiful day full of worshiping God.

From singing The Prayer (by Josh Groban) together, to having a friend paint as a sign of worship, their ceremony was gorgeous.

The details

Wedding Dress: The Bridal Loft (Pensacola, FL)

Tux: Generation Tux

Cake: Cakes By Robbin

Florals: Carmi, IL

Venue: The Ravington

Ceremony chapel: Chapel On The Creeks

Food: Pam Bodenstein

The love stories

Grooms perspective:

Hillary and I met in quite the unconventional way. Some people meet at parties, some in school, others at church. For us it seemed much more divine in nature. A group of 4 individuals in the music business went on a search across the country to find 8 individuals for a vocal ensemble and after much searching, prayer, and deliberation, 8 were chosen. Hillary and I happened to be 2 of those 8. If not for that decision it’s highly unlikely we would have ever met; Hillary being from Florida and I from Illinois. When we signed our contract the mission in mind was music ministry, but little did we know God had much greater things planned for us. Within a week of our new job we became attracted to each other. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. In the early days of our relationship we were transparent with each other and discovered deep and sensitive things about each other’s life. Some of those things we were scared might detour the other from a relationship but those things actually bonded us more than anything else could. We accepted each other for who we were. Not for our past performance in life or ministry but for who we were in that moment at the core of who we were. God allowed us to truly see each other through His eyes. I have grown to love Hillary Vest with all my heart. The love that we share is deeper than anything I’ve ever experienced. We have chosen to love each other through the good and the bad times. Hillary is an absolutely beautiful woman and her kind and giving spirit shines through her life. When she sings, I’m pretty sure angels descend from Heaven. She’s my rock and encourages me in everything that I do. I’m so thankful that I’ve found a love that will last a lifetime because the bond that keeps us together is Jesus.

Brides perspective:

Meeting Jared was a miraculous thing for sure. He was from IL and I, a beach bum from FL. We happened to audition for the same singing group that would be contracted to sing in Washington, D.C. at the Museum of the Bible. I couldn’t have foreseen what God had planned all along. The moment that truly drew me in was when he shared his story, the vision he had for his life and what area he was called to. I saw someone not only that I could love, but someone that I could partner with, do life with. That was quite early in our friendship and it wasn’t long before we were dating. After our contract ended, we were able to come out to AR and continue serving together. A trip back to D.C. in September with their school of ministry was just the set up for Jared to propose and I am still in shock! It was the most magical day of my life...thus far! I am overjoyed to be able to call Jared husband soon! He isn’t only the most gorgeous man my eyes have ever seen, but he has won my heart in every way. Seeing how he loves the Lord above all else honestly is everything to me. The love he shows for me is beyond anything I thought was possible from another person, and I see that in the way he serves, cherishes, and is attentive to me. He is an encourager like no other and it is because of him that I grow more in my faith every day. It is clear that God brought us together for such a time as this and I couldn’t be more honored to be able to do life with him.

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