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Aaron & Katelyn // Wedding

Updated: Mar 19

"i don't want you in bits and pieces,

i want you all,

good and bad,

every last atom"


The details:

Florals: Samantha's Garden

Dress: She Said Yes Bridal

Cake: Bizzy B's Bakery

Venue: Kindred North

Food: Tacos For Life

Their love story

Aaron's Perspective:

I first followed her on Instagram 4 years ago after which I sent her a thumbs up with a blog she posted about her depression that I could relate to since I severely broke my neck a couple years before. After connecting and talking for awhile, I chose to drive 1,000 miles each way to meet this mystery girl in person. When we met, for me, it was love at first sight. I was head over heels for her. I love Katelyn because of her passion, her enthusiasm, her compassion for people and strangers around her. She is completely authentic and real. She is down-to-earth. Katelyn has the biggest heart with such an adventurous spirit and is always supportive.

Katelyn's Perspective:

Last year was the darkest year of my life, as I was diagnosed with Major depression and admitted to a psychiatric hospital for Major Depression. Three months after being released from the hospital, I wrote a blog post about depression, how misunderstood it is, and how there are so many stereotypes involved as well. Aaron read my post and appreciated my authenticity and openness about everything. And then, a little bit later, he made the 2,000 mile round trip to meet me in person. I love Aaron because he's consistent, he's patient, I never have to wonder how he feels about me, he encourages me to pursue my dreams, he loves me well, he pursues my heart, and I can be having an adventure with him, or be doing absolutely nothing and it's the best time, simply because I'm with him.

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