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Sarah & Luke // Wedding

Updated: Mar 19

Sarah and Luke.

I've known Sarah since we were little kids, running around playing dress up and pretend.

When I first met Luke I knew that he and Sarah were meant to be (He also made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe).

So, when I was asked to take their photos, you can imagine that I was beyond exited!! I mean seriously, just look at these two!

They married on July 27th, 2018 at the Magnolia Venue and Urban Garden In Kansas city

Sarah's dress is from Blue Sky Bridal in Seattle, WA

Luke's grandma made the cake!!

The gorgeous Faith Hundley made the bouquets

And in true Kansas City fashion, dinner was BBQ from Mudhole BBQ (Yummmmmmy)

Luke and Sarah met at West Point, where they both attended. Which basically means that they are both superheros.

Here's Luke's story on how they met:

Well you see here.... Sarah is a giant creep and added me on facebook because some guy she had a crush on told her to. Then my incredible charm won her over (aka she settled on an "ok solution for a husband") But in true future fashion, technically the internet brought us together. Luckily, we got to finally see each other the first day back of the school year and from there on out it just felt right to have Sarah in my everyday life. Over the last three years we have gone through our ups and downs, long distance, and cross-country moves. All in all, the hard times are making the time we get together even better and making the future look very exciting. There is a lot to love about that Sarah girl. She is beautiful inside and out, cares to the point of crying, and is full of life. She challenges me, puts me in check, and supports me in everything I do. There couldn't be a better person to walk through life with and I couldn't be more excited for a life with her.

And here is Sarah's perspective:

Luke and I actually met because of Facebook...haha! I was doing some summer training of shadowing a Lieutenant in North Carolina the summer before my junior year and it turned out he was going to shadow the same lieutenant after I left. We connected on Facebook because of it and Luke started flirting me up on Facebook Messenger. He used some smooth line to get my number and a couple weeks later he called me at like 3 a.m. (very intoxicated) and for some reason I answered and we talked for hours. We talked the rest of the summer and finally met the very first day we got back to school. He saw me and said "don't be weird, just give me a hug!" We kept seeing each other and he quickly became my very best friend. We have been together ever since! (with some long distance thrown in there)

Luke is the most driven, ambitious, kind hearted man I have ever known and he constantly challenges me to be the best version of myself. God truly made him for me and I couldn't be any more excited or feel so lucky to continue our life with Luke as my husband!


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