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Hunter & Kaid // Engagement

Updated: Mar 19

Things that make me happy:

Old cars, pink, blue ice cream, and fun photoshoots.

When I was younger my grandparents would take my sister and I to the Dixie Cafe for dessert. I'd get blue ice cream with sprinkles almost every time. And ever since I watched 101 Dalmatians I've had a slight obsession with cars from the 50's. (I want a light pink or blue Bel Air)

So, these two traveled to Bentonville and were willing and open to any ideas I had! We had discussed getting ice cream and decided that the blue ice cream would be the most fun for photos. THEN we walked outside and found this car! YAY!

I was so excited I was beside myself.

This is why engagement sessions are one of my favorite things in the world.

I can't wait for your wedding, Kaid and Hunter!

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