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Darby & Peter // Wedding

Updated: Mar 19

Peter and Darby married on a gorgeous afternoon on July 6th!

The day was filled with lots of tears (happy tears), joy, and laughter.

Oh, and there was a cake smash that happened as well (scroll down to see)!

This is their love story:

Peters version

Darby and I met in the 7th grade at LifeWay Christian school in Centerton. We 7th grade dated which included awkward smiling at each other and brief exchanges in the hallway as we were both too nervous to ever truly communicate. As goofy as it sounds, it was the way things worked in the 7th grade. We broke up a couple of months later (as all middle school relationships go) and decided to be friends. In the 10th grade, Darby moved and we lost touch throughout high school.

The story picks back up midway through my Junior year of college at Arkansas Tech University 2 and a half years ago. One weekend as I was home over the break we reconnected and soon after began our relationship. We have by no means been a model relationship in the past two and a half years, but we have fought for our relationship and poured our heart and soul into the other person. Through nothing but the grace of God and his incredible power we have made it to where we are today in approaching our wedding day.

Darby's version

Peter and I met when we were just 13 years old. He was the tall and skinny basketball player that all the girls had a crush on. I was the petite tomboy with my hair always pulled back in a ponytail. We “dated” off and on for a few years, and by dated I mean sat beside each other during class, lunch with the occasional hand hold and note pass. After switching schools in the 11th grade, we kept in touch off and on for several years.

Peter texted me our junior year in college to catch up one weekend he was home from college. He was still the tall, handsome guy I had known for years. But, something was different this time. We stayed out late talking for hours about life, our struggles, family, and relationships with the Lord. He came back home for the next couple of weekends and we continued to catch up and talk. I joke with Peter because it didn’t take him long to ask me to be his girlfriend with the sweetest letter that he mailed to me and asked for me to wait for him to get home to open it.

After two and a half years of memories, adding a sweet pup to our family, and lots of traveling back and forth to see each other, Peter asked me to be his wife. . I’m pretty sure neither of us remember much of the words being said other than tears, “wait, are you serious?”, and “YES!” quickly after.

The details:

Dress: Low's Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses: Lulus

Venue: Kindred North

Flowers: Samantha's Garden

Food: Butcher and Pint

DJ: Groove Productions

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