• Ashton Rail

Austin Texas // Summer 2018

Updated: Mar 19

The twins and I took a trip to Austin Texas to celebrate the fact that they graduated high school. Before we left, I began asking around for a couple to meet up with to photograph!

That's how I met Blake and Karis!

After the twins and I ate a fabulous lunch at a Vietnamese/French infusion restaurant, we met up with Karis and Blake and ventured up and down Congress Ave.

In typical Austin fashion, it was nice and steamy outside. But, these two rocked the heat!

The next day the twins and I woke up early and went exploring to take some photos before we ate breakfast tacos! We watched as a man pulled up and parked in this awesome car and I asked him if we could use it to take photos with. He happily said yes and well, you could say I was happy!

Then I hoped in for a few pics :)

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