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Ethan & Carly // Wedding

Updated: Mar 19

"You smell like honeysuckle to me. Like that sweet scent that wraps you up on a cool spring night. And I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for you."

I've known Carly and Ethan for years which means that this wedding was extra special to me.

One of the first conversations I had with Carly was in a hotel room after I shot my first wedding about 4 years ago. It was late at night and we were talking about her and Ethan. They had just been dating for a few months (I think?!?) and she admitted to me that she was falling hard for Ethan and loved him.

Getting to photograph this wedding was such a joy that left me in tears for most of the day (and not just because Carly teared up a lot).

Here's how the day went:

I met up with Carly after she had her hair and makeup done and in the process of meeting up with Carly, I ran into Ethan who was as cool as a cucumber. Carly and I spent some time talking and reminiscing about the story I told above and then headed on to the venue. We took bridals, wedding party photos, and then did a non look-first look where Carly and Ethan prayed together without looking at each other (That's when I first began to tear up). Then after the beautiful ceremony we took some more photos and danced for the rest of the night.

Here's some fun facts:

Wedding dress is from She Said Yes

Bridesmaid dresses are from Davids Bridal

Flowers are made by Jan Findrip

Wedding Coordinator was Brandy White

The cake is from Ricks

The venue was St. Anthonys at the Creek

Carly's version of their love story:

Ethan and I met in Ballroom dance class. I fell, figuratively and literally. Our first date was a trip to the zoo, but I didn't realize it was a date! I wanted it to be one though and I tried flirting the entire time, to the point where a random man told me to stop trying because Ethan clearly wasn't interested. HAHAHA Jokes on him because he WAS interested! Dance has always been a special part of our relationship. So much that he incorporated it into his proposal. He took me to Crystal bridges in Bentonville Arkansas, where we danced to singing in the rain then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It’s hard to pick two reasons why I love Ethan. He has such a love and devotion to the Lord that I noticed right away. That drew me to him and it made me want to learn more about his Faith. I also love how thoughtful, kind, and unselfish he is. He would rather treat his family to dinner, a movie, or sporting event than be given presents on his birthday. He loves his friends and family so deeply that just being around him when he’s with them makes me fall deeper in love with him.

Ethan's Version:

Carly and I met my last semester of college in a ballroom dance class, and after several months of talking and getting to know each other we went on our first date. After many years of studying, working, and worshiping with her I knew she was the one. And to my delight, she said yes when I proposed. I’m so blessed to be able to marry someone who loves me unconditionally.

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