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Hope, Nora, Austeja // Senior

Updated: Mar 19




These three.

I have known Hope and Nora since they were in second grade... And here we are, 10 years later, and they are about to graduate. This past year Austeja has lived with them as a foreign exchange student and I've had the honor of getting to know her!

They are extremely high on my list of people that I care deeply about. In fact, I consider them to be my best friends (We tell people we are sisters even though we look nothing alike)!

They have hearts that are indescribably incredible. I've learned what it looks like to dig deep into the Word because of them. I've learned what joy looks like because of them. And I've grown deeper in my walk with God because of them.

When I need a smile or to laugh, I know to go see them.

When I need to be reminded of how amazing God is, I go to them.

They are beautiful in every way and I'm beyond grateful for being their friend!

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