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Bailey // Miss Arkansas High 2018

Updated: Mar 19

"I'm walking on sunshine And don't it feel good"

-Katrina and the Waves

Bailey makes me so happy that this song plays on repeat in my head. After spending just 5 minutes with her I knew why she was chosen to be Miss Arkansas High.

From the start I knew that this photoshoot would go down in history as one of my top favorites because of the ideas that Bailey and her mom were sending me. At one point I mentioned that a cute bike would be fun and when I was about to send another message saying that flowers in the bike basket would be cute, Bailey replied saying that she would bring flowers for the bike! Then when I mentioned Sonic as a location, I was going to mention that skates would be fun and Bailey replied that she would bring skates!

I knew that this shoot was meant to be.

(I might've squealed from excitement)

Enjoy <3

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