For me, photography began when I was really young. At 7 years old, you could see me walking around with a disposable camera in hand, setting up my dolls and stuffed animals so that they were camera ready. When I was 8, it was dressing up my cat (who,by the way, hated me for doing that), and posing him for a photoshoot. When I first began college I had no idea what I wanted to do so I took a darkroom class for fun. The first time I developed my own film and then printed my own image by hand, I knew that I would pursue photography. The passion only grew from there and I found myself more and more in love with every aspect that I found in photography. From meeting up with clients, learning their stories, to having the privilege to shoot weddings. I love it all.

Because of my love for all things vintage and bright, I strive to make my images feel light and full of color. When you hire me, you gain a friend. When we meet up, I want to know all about you. If I'm shooting your wedding, I want to be the person that you call when something went wrong and you need to talk it through with someone. When we go off an adventure and shoot some images, expect me to get really excited and encourage you on your good looks (cause everyone is beautiful). I want to show people who you are and tell your story.

Just some random facts about me:

-I have a bachelors degree in photography from JBU
-I love dark chocolate (85% is the best)

-I like the color pink
-I'm a Musical enthusiast
-I love hot tea
-I should've been born in the 20's or 50's
-I love to travel, especially to Europe
-I believe that cats are the best pets you'll ever find
-My favorite scent is bergamot

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