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I’m so glad you’re here. Out of all the photographers, I am honored that you are looking at my work! I have a passion for taking photos of people. After all, you all are GORGEOUS. You deserve to have your photo taken!

One of my friends a few years ago described me as whimsical and, well, I’ve taken that to heart. And it shows in my photography. How? By being bright and colorful! (I LOVE colorful bouquets)!  My desire is to bring out the best in you then photograph that moment. I want to embrace your ideas, no matter how crazy or “silly” you think they are! If you want to take your engagements photos with an elephant, lets make that happen! Have you always wanted to elope in Europe? Then lets pack our bags and make it happen! Want to have your portraits taken while you're roller blading and eating ice cream? Lets do it! And in the end, we will be laughing and having so much fun that you’ll forget you're having your photo taken.

You are worth taking the time and effort to be made to feel like you alone are the bees knees, the coolest person in the world, or the worlds prettiest couple.

Your wedding is worth the time and effort to hire a photographer that will thoughtfully guide you through posing, meticulously edit each photo taken, become your friend, dance partner (I’ve mastered dancing with my camera), and helper.

Your story, no matter what it is, deserves to be told.

I can’t wait to hear your story and possibly go searching for an elephant with you.

<3 Ashton


I hired Ashton Rail as my photographer for my wedding this year and couldn’t be more happy with the quality of work that went into creating such beautiful memories for me and my husband to cherish for the rest of our lives.

I purchased the biggest package she has to offer and it was worth every single penny. We did an engagement photo set, I did a bridal shoot, and she was there for the entirety of my wedding from getting ready to heading off in the limousine.

Ashton is amazing at capturing real life moments between two people. Her candid photos of our engagement photos showed the dynamic between me and Justin and her creativity is through the roof. This woman was born with a God-given talent of photography. Every single photo is taken with you in mind and your vision of what you want to be remembered on your special day.

Ashton took the time to truly get to know me and Justin both individually and as a couple. Her intuitiveness with the camera is remarkable.

I recommend Ashton hands down for your wedding photography. She is worth everything single penny invested!

—Mrs Jennifer McElhannon

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